It is a very intriguing question that has provoked thought of the ancient and the modern philosophers. They have tried their best to answer this question. So here am I also to give my own thought about it.

Some times when we ask who are you? People might answer that they are student, doctor, computer architect, engineer etc but when they are said that all these thing are what you do or what you do for living. So when the question as again repeated, they are mind stuck and can’t answer. 

Let me take you to the history it was very clear to them who they were. If you happen to ask them who they were? They would reply I am son of _____________. In the gap would be father’s name and then followed by his own name. Father had a very important role to play in defining what his child name is? What would he impart in the child  is knowledge and skill? Because by fathers name the children would be known.

Till now that’s the system the children carry their fathers name attached with their own name. No matter which country you go to. This is because it is very important to know where you came from.

But in modern time people are facing with the identity crisis. They do not know who they are so, the problem arises. Since they cannot answer that question they now go to other people to seek the answer. And that’s the biggest tragedy of our time. People now act different in different places with different people. They actually struggle to blend in with all the groups like his friends, his colleague, his parents, his boss etc..  He changes his mask according to the people, place, circumstance he is in.

This is the main reason why people are so much stressed out because he fails to please all the people around him, who actually defined who he is. He is afraid and fearful what if he cannot do the thing that the people believed that he could do. Since he is trying to meet everyone’s expectations his frustration and anger starts building up. So there is going to come a time when the anger and frustration builds to its full mesure,then he takes irrational decision. Some people are so burdened that they commit suicide.

In my fourth paragraph I have stated how important it is to know where you come from? To explain this there are two theories, both strong and contradicting each other. First one is the theory saying that we are all evolved from a single cell and second theory says God created everything. These are the main belief system. 

So let me go in depts. On the people who believes and define as a being which evolved from a single cell. Belief system is very important to be able to define themselves. Let me take some guidelines that defines and sustain the point on the theory of evolution. The strong evolve and prey upon the weak to be dominator and they adopt themselves according to the environment, season and keep evolving. Human being are most intellectual creature that has ever evolved. So according to theory of evolution identity crisis is a process and it’s all natural. He adopts, he survives and be defined by their environment and the people around them. But if the society fails or he is frustrated living many faces, he now starts defining himself who he is. Some people define themselves with good morale code but most of the time they are bound to take the other way around. Since they believe that stronger always sustains, they start preying on the weak or in other terms suppressing the weak. That’s when people like ‘Hitler’ rise up. They do not believe in good or bad either all they believe is that they have to be stronger and dominate others for them to prosper. Since they are not under any morale obligations. They feel they should achieve fame and wealth while they live and they could go to any extent to achieve those things. And because they do not believe in afterlife they are not obligated to anything and even don’t feel responsible for anything. They can do whatever they want to do and never be answerable to anything. Even though there are government laws, people who are having this belief system might break any law or commit a crime while being hidden from the authority.

Let me now tell you about people who believe in God the creator of everything. Unlike atheist these people fear God and tries to do their level best to obey the God and the scripture. They perform religious rituals because they strongly believe that there is afterlife and a moral giver.

Atheist identifies that the identity crisis is not a problem. Which in fact is a great problem which I have mentioned in my 5th paragraph. Why would the real identity really matter to atheist because they have the habit of adopting and faking according to the environment and people and time. Why would they try to identify their identity because they believe when they die everything is over even the sole dies and no consequences for hidden crime.

But for a person who believes in God doesn’t face such dilemma. They know where they come from and accepts God as their father. They follow the law given by the God like a parent would give it to their child. So when a person tries to follow the law and acknowledge the law of God he can confidently say I am a son/ daughter of God. Since qualities of God is in men but not perfected, God gives laws to follow so that he can prosper and grow according to his image. Now when God tells to love one another. It simply means God is love.

Therefor anyone who believes in God will not have to face identity crisis because they know who they are where ever they go and whom they represent where ever they go. Like a person having is father’s name in his own name.

If anyone would ask me a question who are you. I would say I am a son of God most high, Rajendra Bogati. God is my father, he is the one whom I would associate myself with always.


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