Comprehending the unseen
With the limitations of what’s seen
Before beginning where had God been?

Cannot answer, is question invalid?
Mind, heart, senses tallied
Ponder on some truth that’s solid

Neurons, chromosome, DNA and gene
Life book within a cell different to kin
Marvels of this sort God or just a bin

Plants needs minerals from soil
Oxygen breath out without toil
Degas earth, life’s in turmoil

Animals and plants are no two stranger
Sacrifices oneself to satisfy greater hunger
End the process life on Earth a danger

Each material, made differently, for man’s need
Men, Creative, innovative, imaginative breed
Created of nothing or cognitive one planted a seed

Dreams, plans, policies, hope drives men, do more
A Warrior roars inside, always a cause to fight for
Determination, challenge, hardship easily will he bore

Man sense for perfect correlation, confusion
Seek Truth, but be careful on who’s tuition
Purpose to everything? Now Is God illusion?

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