You would not have a clue
What other people are going through
Hard to tell by face what’s true
Heart a cup of emotional brew

Walking with invisible luggage
Some lacks even visible lodges
Face covered with pain invisible pain smudges
Everyone runs away from unwanted judges

Smile lasting for shorter period of time
Breathing coughing sounding like rhyme
Billions of dollars looks like a dime
As backstabbing is a household crime

Have you a clue why someone flew from you
Once it was a peruse now is shoo shoo!
Have you a clue, those eyes shedding a dew
Once you cherished, now a terrorist

Everyone has mystery and hidden history
Even the muscles loose when heart wrestles
Attitude, altitude, aptitude, multitude,
Fortitude, magnitude, gratitude or rectitude
All would mean nothing in our solitude

All this problems what can we do?
Simple be kind, forgive every hearts and minds
Everyone is only a soul at last
Body is going to decay to dust so fast
Love all till the dusk as God does
Cause life under this sun is vapor
A dew that someday no one will remember

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