The roar of the ancient
Creating heavens and earth
Man beasts, in perfect peace

The cunning of a serpent
Brought Men to their knees
To the ruthless enemy King

Cursed was the land
As men sold his inheritance
Praise and worship the new King

Evil king roars his final decree
Eco-system turns to desert and twigs
Famine, disease, pain and conflict

Day and night, death and decay
Scavengers are now killing spree
As Hyena laugh haunting Men soul

Kill or be killed that’s the Law
Violent men became generals
As order issued they killed their off-spring

Look who has come?
Everyone calls him Lion from Judah
His Mighty roar is resounding new law

He’s here to restore and cure
Cleanse the eco-system pure
By his roar, he will rule for sure

The enemy king feared this one
Many voices had turned to terrifying scream
One final scheme and the kingdom is his

Evil king caught the lion of Judah
And nailed him on the tree
Rejoiced the final victory

But Lion of Judah’s plan was different
He rose again but didn’t rule the land
But ruled the heart’s of Men

That King’s spirit echoes
Now Men can mightily stand
As they declare the holy roar

Lion of Judah our is or true King
His name is Jesus
Who came to win your heart
Heal your land
Give you the ultimate hope
As you die with him
You will rise with him

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