Imparted lies

Education, degree, certificate, name Half of Life consumed by this flame 8 to 9 hours in school Calculator, paper, pen and such tool Playful, notorious, curious childhood Terminated by the the enshrined rule Child stopped asking questions From elder it never paused Picking a stick disciplined me Donkey, horses laughing at me Suffocation with no … Continue reading Imparted lies

Power of Past

Many people who lived then Is still living in then Shouting the lungs out Free me from then Is it in someone else's or in your own hands? Giving life to dead You torment yourself today Beating your head Wailing Why did this happen to me Someone else's answer or yours will you heed People … Continue reading Power of Past

Freedom or bondage?

Young wild and FreeMan's passion and dreamRebel dance and screamMurder, sex and drugging spreeSilence you, sub conscienceI shun you, moralityDeath to you, authorityI boycott you, humane essencePreaching generation, God doesn't existTeaching children, no pain no guiltWeak and foolish are those who kneeledWoe to you, freedom strategistEither ways you are slave,Weather to good or to badTo … Continue reading Freedom or bondage?

Who Am I?

It is a very intriguing question that has provoked thought of the ancient and the modern philosophers. They have tried their best to answer this question. So here am I also to give my own thought about it. Some times when we ask who are you? People might answer that they are student, doctor, computer … Continue reading Who Am I?

Hard Change

Tired, tensed and tormented Traveled too far Too far to make life anew Of becoming you ought Older you get further the road Tired, tensed and tormented Forced to walk To walk according to time Of haze in the maze Older you get further the road Tired, tensed and tormented Justifying your actions Your actions … Continue reading Hard Change