GOD Dead?

Friedrich Nietzsche was a famous philosopher who said God is Dead and popularized it. His grandfather and father was a minister in the church. But he decided not to follow the faith. Rather oppose it. Last 14 years of his life spent insane as the scripture that he had learned as a young lad would … Continue reading GOD Dead?


What did I tell you to do? Burning eyes looking furiously at you Looking down the eyes goes blank Guilty Conscience has overthrown you   What can I do to make all things right again? How can I convince him of my shortcomings? I am sorry, please give me another chance But don't you know … Continue reading WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Right to be human

Human Right!! Human Right!! Shouted the mob Young men with their family Rallies every now and then Shouting give us freedom Freedom to weed, Freedom to Sex, Freedom to have our own philosophy Give power back to us We can handle on our own Just give protection Just give health insurance Just give wealth assurance … Continue reading Right to be human

Clue On Life Of Others

You would not have a clue What other people are going through Hard to tell by face what's true Heart a cup of emotional brew Walking with invisible luggage Some lacks even visible lodges Face covered with pain invisible pain smudges Everyone runs away from unwanted judges Smile lasting for shorter period of time Breathing … Continue reading Clue On Life Of Others

Fear And Faith

Brothers yet adversary Enimes till eternity Only one can be pleased Fighting every generation Motivators to choices Housing values in everyone Relations are defined Glory or grave is determined Heartbeats differently Words and tone of voice says it all Fear forces you Fear will seize you Fear will kill and steal Fear paralizes you Fear … Continue reading Fear And Faith


let's talk about shame what shames you? Who shames you? And most importantly Why are you shameful? Is its some event that shames you, Is it someone who shames you Or Is it the thing that you did shames you I won't lie I Confess I have been shamed all 3 ways My fault or … Continue reading Shame

Law Of Love

Every one desires love love that takes them high So high above and through the storms Let me not argue Argue if it's love or lust Cause Lust decays like rust Pure love is everyone's true desire The desire which need to grow Growing in Body Mind and Soul Let me ask you Are you … Continue reading Law Of Love